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When Do You Start Decorating

Hello Believers!

Well it is getting closer every day. When do you start decorating for Christmas? Here at the North Pole we are always decorating. You see, even though we have our decorations up all year, we still change things and put up new decorations all the time. In fact there is a team of elves who's job it is to just decorate the North Pole! Would you like a job like that? Do you like decorating for Christmas? What are your favorite decorations? I have so many favorites that I have collected over the years from all over the world. Mrs Claus and I love to look at the decorations on our Christmas trees and remember the stories that go with some of them. Like the one ornament that was given to us with a Hershey kiss in it and how we never took it out for over 50 years!!!!! We laugh every time we look at it. Do you have stories that go with some of your decorations? Have fun decorating for the holiday season. Till next time stay jolly!


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