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There are many theories about Santa's Reindeer, and many ways they have been shown. They actually all look similar except for some small differences that I know, and their sizes are a each a little different. They are not just any reindeer they are Peary Reindeer (R tarandus pearyi) which are the smallest of the reindeer species. They were named after Robert Peary the explorer recognized as being the first to reach the North Pole. This is the only type of reindeer that flies. Their hair is hollow to keep them warm, but it also makes them lighter. Their hooves are shaped in a manner which allows them more lift and push, and the antlers are shaped aerodynamically and lighter to provide lift and leverage at slower speeds. Many theories have been proposed as to how the reindeer fly. It would take far too much space and time to explain the complex process that allows for this miracle. Many people have ask why I don't have a rocket sleigh or computerized sleigh. I believe in loyalty. The reindeer are part of my family and I have trusted them with my life for centuries. No technology can replace being as reliable or trustworthy companions as the reindeer have on my Christmas mission. You might ask, "How did the reindeer get their names? Well, I named them! Yes the Reindeer do fly! Keep your eyes on the sky and maybe you will see them!

santa and reindeer
reindeer print

Hoof Print

reindeer print

Aerodynamic lift and flow

reindeer hoof
Night Sky
flying reindeer
flying reindeer

Santa's Reindeer

reindeer bells

The sound of the reindeer bells often makes people think of Christmas. I love the rhythmic sound as the fly through the sky, or glide along the ground pulling the sleigh. Here is a little recording of the reindeer bells ringing for you to hear.

Reindeer Sleigh Bells
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