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Santa's Suit

For the record I wear a suit, not a costume. I have worn suits of green, blue and brown through history. I finally settled on the red and white suit that has become the traditional suit of Santa Claus. I have many variations of my suit. There are suits that are long and like a robe, suits that have fur (the fur is synthetic today) collars and trim, and those that don't. Some suits have buttons, while others have a hidden zipper behind the fur on the front. I have black belts and boots and brown belts and boots. I have some shoes that I wear in the workshop. There are long pants and knicker style pants. I have vests and many styles of shirts that I wear under my coat. My belt buckles are square, round, fancy and plain. Some boots have buckles and fur, others don't. I like white gloves when I am doing visits, but also wear red, brown and green mittens and gloves. My hat usually has a tassel that has a ball of fur on the end, but I also have them with a bell, or some form of other tassel. So, don't be surprised when you see me wearing a variety of different styles.

st nicholas

I began my work long ago in the third century. I was born in the city of Patara, which was once part of Greece, but today is in the country of Turkey. Eventually, I became the bishop of the city of Myra. My cloak was red and my robe was white, so that is why today you see them in my clothing. I had a long white beard back then too!

Through time I utilized a variety of colors, but have always been partial to the red and white that have been with me from the beginning.

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Santa suit

The Santa hat has become a favorite to wear during the holidays. Santa's is made from the same special fabric as his suit.

Santa's bag has been white, red, green, brown and even gold over the years. The bag today is usually red.

The suit is made of flame resistant material and repels soot and ash. It has been developed over the years by the ELF chemists and scientists. It is very warm and repels snow and water. You will not find this fabric anywhere else in the world! This special suit is worn on his gift giving nights. There are other suits of a variety of materials that are worn through the year. The fur is not real fur and is really long and very white. It has the same qualities as the red fabric. Santa also has a more casual line of clothing for everyday wear. Colors are generally red, white, green and gold.

The belt is generally black or brown leather and wide. It has a square or round buckle of gold or brass usually, but there are other styles too. The Square Gold buckle the best.

The gloves Santa wears vary. He favors white gloves for appearances and visits with children. Brown, red and green gloves and mittens are worn for warmth when flying in the sleigh.

Santa's Sleigh boots have a snowflake pattern on the soles They have excellent grip. They are sometimes topped with fur. The color is black or brown.

The Suit
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