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The Magic Bag

There is a question I am often ask, "How do you do it Santa?" Well, the fact is that I don't do it the same way I used to do it! You see when I began delivering gifts long ago I could carry them in one big sack. I only had to travel from one village to the next in a small area. As time past I began to deliver further away from my home, so began loading a sleigh to carry a bigger sack. The sack and the sleigh kept getting bigger, so I had to come up with a different way to deliver the millions of gifts. First, I would fly back to the North Pole and reload the sleigh with more gifts, but this meant many trips. As there were more and more people in the world, I had to make more and more trips. The next system I used for many hundred years was to have the elves place bags of gifts in different secret locations around the world. When one sack was empty I would pick up the next full one and continue around the world. Eventually, I could no longer do that as the world continued to have more people and they kept asking for more gifts! Thanks to magic, technology and my great ETT (Elf Tech Team) team of elves, a new technological solution was developed. It would shrink presents and allow for more presents to fit in each sack, which meant fewer sacks were needed. unfortunately, the presents were hard to sort and then had to be re-enlarged using a special device to expand them. The elves continued their research and developed a new system that works really well and is amazing. It utilizes the GPS (Global Positioning System) technology and allows for the gifts to be sent by molecular transport to the sack for the exact location where I am at any moment. So, now when I get to a home I just use the special app the elves made for my phone to signal the presents to be beamed to the sack and I deliver them! We have been refining this system and it works very well. It allows for faster speeds around the world, and the reindeer love the fact they don't have heavy loads to pull.

Santa Sack Receiver


(Santa Sack Reciever)

Here is a photo of my Phone showing the SRR app the elves have designed.

Each continent is designated with its receiver and when I press the globe the gifts are molecularly transported to the sack. The lights at the bottom show me the progress of the transfer. When the green light is lit, then the presents are ready.

The letters by each receiver:

NA - North America

SA - South America

EU - Europe

AF - Africa

AS - Asia

AUS - Austrailia

A - Antartica

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