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30 Days of Challenge

Greetings Friends!

Here at the North Pole we are always sharing kindness. Of course, we all should be doing that everyday. So, we have decided to start the Sharing Kindness Project! I am excited to invite you to join us each day in the coming month to share kindness with someone. Since, many around the world are stuck at home during this time, we are making suggestions that you can do from home! We will add one each day. You can follow us on Instagram @ np_llc, or check here for the daily idea. Let's all spread some kindness and ease worries, so everyone's day will brighter! Pass along the word and together we can Celebrate being Kind to one another.

Join us in the Daily Sharing Kindness Project for 30 days. Below you will find suggestions each day to share kindness with others from home. Once completed you can start again or create your own ideas!

Day One

call a friend


sharing kindness movie day

Day Three

kindness project joke day

Day Four

kindnessquote day

Day Five

kindnessproud day

Day Six

kindness facetime day 6

Day Seven

kindnessanimal pic day 7

Day Eight

kindness day 8

Day Nine

kindness day 9 charity

Day Ten

Day Eleven

Day Twelve

kindness hug day 10
Kindness Make a Card Day 11
kindness Text Day 12

Day Thirteen

kindness piggybank day 13

Day Fourteen

Day Fifteen

kindness day 14 mail note
kindness day 15 video skill

Day Sixteen

Download PDF
Kindness Cards

Day Seventeen

Kindness cards day 16
sharing meal Day 17

Day Eighteen

kindness chores day 18

Day Nineteen

kindness complain Day 19

Day Twenty

Kindness Med Staff Day 20

Day Twenty One

Kindess call love Day 21

Day Twenty Two

Day 22 Watch

Day Twenty Three

Day 23 write list

Day Twenty Four

Day Twenty Five

Day Twenty Six

Day 24 Soldier
Day 25 Make a Difference
Day 26 Greatful

Day Twenty Seven

Day 27 Teacher

Day Twenty Eight

Day 28 Photo

Day Twenty Nine

Day 29 Forgive

Day  Thirty

Day 30 Change
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