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Naughty or Nice

I'm keeping track of who is Naughty and Nice. Answer the questions below and find out how you are doing. After you finish click the submit button and scroll up to see what your score says about which list you are on right now. Remember, tell the truth. I will know if you are being honest.

Which list
Making the Nice List

Santa Suggestions
Making the Nice List


* Pick up your toys when finished playing and also put the away without being ask.

* Being polite using your manners with "May I," "Please," and "Thank You"

* Brushing your teeth, washing your face, and taking a bath or shower without complaining.

* No Pouting

* No Whining

* Staying out of trouble and mischief.

* Resisting the "I want... " and "I need..." when at the store.

* Willing to try what is on your plate by at least taking a "thank you" bite and eating your veggies.

* Cleaning - picking up your room without being ask.

* Sharing without being asked.

* Doing your chores, or being helpful around the house without being ask.

* Playing nice with your friends, brothers and sisters - no biting, scratching, hitting, or name-calling.

* Going to bed without complaining and on time.

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