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The Sleigh

santa sleigh

Below are my simple and rough drawings of the sleigh as it has gone through many changes over time. In the early days there were not as many children in the world, so I could use a smaller sleigh traveling from village to village.

As time went on there were more children, so the elves would place the presents at several locations around the world and I would pick them up in a larger sleigh and deliver them as I flew around the world.

More years passed and the sleigh became even larger so it could carry more gifts. Eventually, I made a sleigh that is similar to the one I fly today. The design became more streamlined so it could carry more weight. I would make several trips back to the North Pole to reload the sleigh for delivery around the world. With the advance of technology I began to experiment with a variety of different building materials. The ETT (Elf Tech Team) has been refining a system called SSR that works by molecular transport. It allows me to have a nice size sleigh and makes the reindeer's work easier, because the sleigh is lighter!

When I take training trips with the reindeer, or fly South to visit malls, parties, and other locations, I use a smaller sleigh. The reindeer take turns on these trips so they can stay in shape. Watch the night sky closely, and maybe you might catch a glimpse of the sleigh. On Christmas Eve though you had better be asleep!

first sleigh

First Sleigh Design

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