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Christmas Past

Author Brian Earl

Christmas Past: The Fascinating Stories Behind Our Favorite Holiday's Traditions


Synopsis: Behind every Christmas tradition is a story — usually, a forgotten one. Each year, as we decorate a tree, build a gingerbread house, and get ready for a visit from St. Nicholas, we’re continuing generations-old narratives, while being largely unaware of their starting chapters. But knowing how these traditions began adds a new level of depth to our Christmas spirit, as well as an arsenal of anecdotes to share at Christmas parties. Christmas Past: The Fascinating Stories Behind Our Favorite Holiday’s Traditions reveals the surprising, quirky, mysterious, and sometimes horrifying stories behind the most wonderful time of the year. With 26 short chapters, it’s a festive, digestible Advent calendar of a book. Covering traditions ancient and modern, Christmas Past is filled with stories of happy accidents, cultural histories, criminal capers (including tomb raiders and con artists), and hidden connections between Christmas and broader social, economic, and technological influences. How did the invention of plate glass forever change the Christmas season? What common Christmas item helped introduce fine art to the masses? Why do Americans typically spike their eggnog with rum, rather than the traditional brandy? And speaking of booze, does using the phrase “Merry Christmas” mark you as a drunken reveler? Christmas Past answers all of those questions, and many more.

Santa's Review:  Brian’s new book Christmas Past is filled with stories and information about Christmas traditions. Did you know that the sugarplums that danced in the heads of the children in The Night Before Christmas might mean they were dreaming of sugarplums. Likely it is really means they were having sweet dreams. How about that Fruitcake was once loved and even endorsed by royalty, but when mass production began that changed. You may not know that the city of Bari in Italy became the first tourist site dedicated to me – Santa though back then I was known as Saint Nicholas. Yes, the book is filled with many facts that will help you understand the customs and traditions we have today and how they started. The book deals with food and drink, characters and entertainment, sights and sounds and society and culture. I can promise you will learn something new about Christmas. I really like the way the book is designed too with a nice look inside and plenty of vintage photos. So, I recommend Christmas Past to all Christmas lovers. Order it online, and you will be the hit of any party or gathering sharing your new knowledge of Christmas.

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Small Town Christmas cover
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The Magic of A Small Town Christmas

Author Megan Alexander

Christmas Past: The Magic of a Small Town Christmas


Synopsis:In the town of Heartbeat Falls, where skies are crystal clear, the magic of Christmas is celebrated in many different ways: from picking the perfect tree to decorating it with glittering ornaments; from ice skating to eating yummy gingerbread cookies; from hanging handmade stockings to sharing a homecooked meal. Here, the residents know the beauty of a small town doesn’t come from its size, but from the love shared by its people, shining brightly in their eyes.

Santa's Review:  Megan's book is a sweet reminder of memories that make Christmas special in life. Its focus is on a small town and the magic of growing up in a community filled with special people, places and Christmas traditions. A delightful story for all ages, that will especially touch the heart of anyone that grew up in a small town. Fun and colorful illustrations bring the story to life. Santa Approved! Get your copy of this beautiful story to add to your family Christmas library.




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