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Bernard is sometimes called Santa's  number 1 elf. He is in charge of making sure everything in the workshop is running smoothly.



Holly is in charge of caring for, and training the reindeer for Santa. Holly is 425 years old. She has been working with Santa's reindeer for 210 years.

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Kiko works in the teddy bear departent of the the workshop and the Kringle Candy Shoppe. Here name means hope in Japanese. Kiko is 200 years old.

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Mistletoe is in charge of Santa's sleigh. She makes sure that is is painted, polished, and everything is working perfectly for the big nights when Santa delivers presents. She also is in charge of all the other sleighs Santa has at the North Pole

Alaska web.png


Alaska works in the Teddy Bear work area. She has been working in that area for 159 years. She loves making the teddy bears for believers around the world

Elfonz web.png


Elfonz is a lift driver in the Present Warehouse where all the presents go after they are made and wrapped.

Sparkles web.png


Sparkles works in the Elf Command Center and the North Pole Post Office. She is very good at detail and organizing.

Merida web.png


Merida works in the Post office and  makes sure all the letters get to Santa's desk. She has worked there for over 400 years

Kanko web.png


Kanko is one of the elves who is in charge of the Elf Command Center. He makes sure that the North Pole is not seen by the outside world, and sounds the alarm if humans get too close to the North Pole Village.

Dimitri web.png


Dimitri works in the North Pole Post Office and sorts the mail that comes all year. He has been working for 307 years sorting mail for Santa.

Jessa web.png


Jessa helps Holly in the reindeer barn. She often shines the reindeer bell so they are so shiny that you can see yourself in them. She loves also making sure the reindeer don't get too much chocolate.

Noldorin web.png


Noldorin works in the Present Warehouse moving and stacking presents. He helps load Santa's Sleigh for Christmas Eve.

Iona web.png


Iona is a North Pole Post Office elf. She is new to the job and often carries the bags of mail to be sorted. She has been working for only 104 years.

Gustav web.png


Gustav is in charge of the Teddy Bear machine. He can often be seen repairing the machine as it is very old and breaks often. He is an amazing repair elf.

Snow web.png


Snow can be found wrapping the gifts in the wrapping area. She knows how to wrap any gift she is given. After 430 years she is very good at what she does.

Namid web.png


Namid works in the Naughty or Nice Center and watches the list as the elves down South report on how good the believers are. He believes there is always room on the Nice List.

Noelle web.png


Noelle works with Mistletoe on taking care of Santa's sleighs. She is a young elf at 231 years old.

Honorary elf

Become An Elf


Desk Top Devices

So you want to be one of Santa's Elves? Well, you won't be able to come to the North Pole, but you can be an Honorary Elf! What does that mean? It means that you agree to live by the Elf Code and to help other people as you spread Christmas Spirit all year long. So, here are the steps you need to take:

1. Read the Elf Code and agree to live by all of it.

2. Say the Elf pledge which is below.

3. Print your official Honorary Elf certificate (which is good for a year).

4. Start living the Elf Code!











(Say allowed)

I (Your Name) will live by the ELF CODE every day, as I spread the Christmas Spirit all year long. As an Honorary ELF I will be Caring, Kind, Honest, Trustworthy, Helpful, Fun, Humble, Open Minded, Well Behaved, Giving, Serving, Cheerful, and Positive.

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