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Santa Helpers

As you might expect it is hard for me to be in more than one place at a time. That is where the elves and special people who are chosen to be Santa Helpers help me in my Christmas mission.

The elves of course are stationed all around the world and make regular reports back to the North Pole about behavior, and other important information. Santa Helpers are those chosen for a number of different jobs. Here are some of their special job:










Santa Claus - Some people dress as me and listen to the wishes and desires of believers around the world. I do travel South and visit with many children and other believers, but I can not be everywhere, so theses special people help me. Sometimes they look more like me than other times. Some have real beards, and others have fake beards. Some have fancy suites and others simple ones. They do their best to sit in for me. Now, I ask you to be kind to all of these Santa look-alike Helpers, because you never know it could really be me! They pass along all your information to me and the elves.

Christmas Volunteers - Many people volunteer to make the world better for everyone. They help at food kitchens, collect food for pantries and the hungry, help at shelters for homeless, collect toys and clothing and other items for the holidays and through the year to help people. Some give money, and some give of their time. All of them are helping to spread the Christmas Spirit of Love, Peace and Joy. You can be one of these helpers too!



Honorary Elves - If you pledge to live the Christmas Spirit all year and live by the elf code, you can be an honorary elf. There is a special section on the website to learn all about how to become one of these helpers.

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