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Welcome to the North Pole

Where it is always Christmas

You have found the North Pole Website! Santa and his elves are adding new items and features all the time so check back often to see what is new. It is always Christmas here at the North Pole.

Here on the North Pole Website you will find lots of information about Santa, the North Pole, Reindeer, Christmas movies and music, and lots of fun ideas and activities for the whole family. Santa even shares some of his magical secrets here.


Find your way around the site using the bar above and buttons found on the pages. Have A Holly Jolly Time!

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Santa's Journal

Recent Journal Entries

Bernard #1 Elf


I am the #1 elf at the North Pole and Santa's Administrative Elf. I help keep things organized

and running smoothly for Santa so that when

the big night comes it will be magical.

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Santa Claus

I am known by many names: Father Christmas,

Pere Noel, Father Frost, Joulupukki, Babbo Natale, Mikulas,‎ Weihnachtsmann, Sinterklaas, Saint Nicholas, Kris Kringle. No matter which name you know me by I love to make Your Christmas Magical. Here on this website you can learn all about me and some of my magical secrets.



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