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Meeting with Betty

Greetings Believers,

Well, Down South many are experiencing Spring, but here we are focused on Christmas. With only 8 months there is a lot to do. Today Betty and I met at one of the North Pole gathering spots. We had a good talk about how everything is going. We had some of Judy's famous hot cocoa and also cookies. We talked about the workshop, and how plans were coming along. I also got an update on the reindeer who are finished with their recovery time and now beginning to work out. In July, they will begin their flight practice. Everyone here is busy as we make some of the most popular gifts. Betty tells me that the elves are already have so much fun. Of course, the elves usually have a lot of fun. Mrs. Claus has been teaching at the Elf Academy and also making sure the North Pole is running well, since she is the mayor. I have been working in the workshop and also starting to look at flight plans for this year. I hope you are doing well, and remembering to always be kind. Have a Holly Jolly Day!


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