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Elves & Leprechauns

Hello Believers!

It is March, and many celebrate Saint Patrick's Day. Leprechauns are often part of this tradition. I am guessing you have wondered if elves and leprechauns are the same. Actually, they are not. Elves can be boys or girls, but a leprechaun is always a boy. Leprechauns live alone and are sometimes tricky. There are many types of elves and they can be very different, they also can live together or alone, depending on the kind of elf. Leprechauns are small and little beings. Elves can be small, tiny, and also just like humans in size. Elves and leprechauns both have magic. So, you can see that elves and leprechauns are very different in most ways. Our elves here at the North Pole are wonderful and they are all sizes and shapes. They are fun, kind and love jokes. They are magical and help make Christmas special. So as you celebrate the leprechauns during St Patrick’s Day remember they are different from elves of the North Pole. Now you know! Have a holly Jolly Day and remember to always be kind.


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