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Sewing Santa's Suit

Greetings Believers,

I hope your having a holly jolly day! Each year Mrs. Claus sews me a new suit, or repairs one she has already made. Every stitch is done with love, and when she is finished the suit becomes magical. You see not anyone can wear Santa's coat. The coat chooses you and when you put it on you become Santa Claus. You might have see the Movie the Santa Claus, or the new Santa Clauses where once the coat is put on the person becomes Santa. The suit though will only allow you to become Santa if you are the right person. I have been Santa for a very long time, and will continue to fulfill my mission to spread love, and kindness through Christmas Spirit. So, thanks to Mrs. Claus and her magical suits I can do what I am meant to do. Continue to be on your best behavior - be kind and nice.


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