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Believe - Pass Along the Spirit of Christmas

Hope everyone had a Holly Jolly day. After a hearty breakfast of gingerbread, chocolate chip and kefli cookies and pastry, with cold milk, I began my day. The reindeer are very active now. They do not sleep much. They have so much energy! I decided to hitch up the team and fly South for some visits. We traveled to Austria, Russia, France and then on to Brazil, Columbia. Next we flew to the USA, where we visited Florida, Georgia, and Iowa. They loved the journey and it was great practice. As I chatted with many of you I realized that it is important to spread the Spirit of Christmas to as many people as we can. How do we do that... Well, there many ways. We can give a hug; smile a lot, tell the Christmas story to someone; feed those who are hungry; be a friend to someone who is lonely or doesn't have a friend. Those are just a few ways everyone can spread the Christmas Spirit. I am sure you can think of other ways too. One of my favorite ways to spread the Christmas Spirit is to be kind to everyone. One of the reasons I agreed to write this journal and have a website was because so many people just stop believing. Bernard helped me get this started, and now I hope many people will pass along the site and people will know I am real. For some it might help them believe and for others it might believe again. There is something magical about this season when you allow yourself to believe in the goodness, kindness and wonder of all that around at Christmas. I know you will pass along the Christmas Spirit! Feel free to tell your friends about this journal and the website. Give hugs and smiles. Enjoy making the perfect gift for someone you love, or give a gift to someone who might not get a gift from anyone else. I am hopeful if we all do our part... then love and peace will break out all around our world! Believe!


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