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Where did Christmas Stockings come from?

Greetings Believers!

So my friends, I hope you are having a holly jolly day! Some have ask, "where did Christmas stockings come from?" Well, I'm glad you ask! Many years ago, when I started giving gifts in the village of Myra, people would hang their socks on the fireplace mantle to dry after washing them. There was a family that had 3 daughters, and they had come upon hard times. Because I gave my gifts in secret, I threw 3 bags of gold down the chimney, and they landed in the girls stockings. Everyone heard about it and began hanging stockings for me to deliver gifts. In some countries the children would leave out their shoes with treats for me and I would leave gifts in their shoes. In some areas the shoes were replaced with stockings. Today, however, the fireplace is not the only option–people who don’t have one hang their stockings on doorknobs, windowsills, or bedposts. No matter where you hang your stocking I will find it! It is a wonderful custom of Christmas. Well, I need to get back to the workshop. So, till next time... be kind and nice.


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