Catching Up On Sleep

Greetings Believers!

Well, 2022 is here and the North Pole is still celebrating the New Year. We hope you have a very Happy New Year. I am catching up on sleep now that the busy season is over. We will take a little time off to enjoy friends and family here at the North Pole. The Elves will not have to worry about any present production for the month of January between time off and getting the workshop ready for the next Christmas season. We clean machines, and all of the tools, supplies and such are counted and organized. When we start again, it will be non-stop till next Christmas Eve. We make so many presents for believers. I am listening to Christmas music as the snow lightly falls here at the North Pole. Mrs. Claus is baking some gingerbread cookies. She will start back at the school later in January. We stay busy here all year. Well, those cookies are smelling ready to eat, so I will go for now. Remember to always be kind and nice. Happy New Year


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