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Meet Crouton

Greetings Believer!

You may have noticed some new faces on the elf page. Well, they are not new here at the North Pole, but we want to introduce you to some of the elves you may not know. Crouton is a very smart elf. He is kind and is very good at what he does. He works with the North Pole Command Center in navigation, and also is our elf in charge of the North Pole Archives - which means he keeps track of and collects special things here at the North Pole so we have a history of our time here. I appreciate Crouton for his help and dedication to making the North Pole a great place to live and helping us all be able to look back at our history.

Mrs. Claus is doing well. She is back teaching the elves and also making sure, as mayor, that the North Pole is running smoothly. She has good helpers as both Bernard and Betty are mainly in charge of the day to day of the North Pole. She does make sure that the elves do get their cookies and treats! Well, I think it is time I had some cookies and milk, so until next time be good and remember to always be kind.


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