North Pole Magic Spotted from Space

Greetings Believers!

You may have seen the photo captured from a space of what is being called a space hurricane. What you may not know is that this is really the Magic of the North Pole that is created by those who Believe! The Northern Lights are created and the more Believers the stronger the North Pole Magic. We are very excited to see that an image has been captured showing this. Each particle is the Belief of one person and when they come together it is Magic! We are busy here at the North Pole working on getting ready for Christmas this year. Elves have been reporting that so far everyone has been working hard to be on good behavior down South. Don't forget to keep doing what you can to stop the virus, like washing your hands, using social distancing, and wearing your mask. Hopefully, Christmas 2021 will be more "normal" for everyone! Less than 300 days now till the big flight. Have a Holly Jolly Day!


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