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Council of Legendary Figures

Greetings Believers!

Today was the annual end of year meeting of the Council of Legendary Figures. Everyone was here - Mother Nature, Father Time, Sandman, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy (The Molinator), Cupid and Jack Frost. It was a great meeting and I gave my yearly update on the work at the North Pole. I reported we are on schedule and the List is being checked. I shared that elves are down South and reporting on behavior around the world. This meeting is usually about the North Pole and what we do here. Tooth Fairy (Molinator) reported that there have been more visits to homes of children losing teeth recently. Mother Nature is concerned about changes in climate and Father Time shared his time is coming to a close for 2022. Jack Frost reported he has been active with Fall around the world being a busy time for him. He has been frosting a lot of windows. Sandman said he will busy on Christmas Eve helping children sleep and dream of Christmas morning. Cupid shared a lot of people will be falling in love during the holidays. Easter Bunny did not have a lot to report. His report will be in the spring. It was fun to see everyone. We agreed to meet again towards Spring. Hope your day is Holly Jolly. Remember to be kind and nice everyday.


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