Checking the List Has Begun

Greetings Believers!

It has been a bit since I last posted here. We have finished with the cleaning and getting the North Pole back in full production. Everyone is back to work, the young elves are back in school, and Mrs. Claus is teaching - being mayor- baking yummy treats again. I have officially began checking THE LIST for 2022. So, be sure you are working to do everything so you are on the NICE LIST this year! You can check out some tips for staying on the nice list here on the North Pole website. We have been very busy working on getting back to work. During the beginning of the year the pace is a bit slower, since we start working on the gifts and toys we think will be most popular this year. As we get closer to Christmas it gets busier and busier. How has your year started? Are you having fun and a good year so far? Remember to always be kind and nice. I will be writing again soon.


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