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Checking the List

Greetings Believers!

I am checking THE LIST for 2023. So, be sure you are working to do everything so you are on the NICE LIST this year! You can check out some tips for staying on the nice list here on the North Pole website. We have been very busy working on all the toys and gifts. As we get closer to Christmas it gets busier and busier. This is our busiest season. It is a fun time, and the elves see work and play as the same thing, so they are very happy. The elves are working on the early requests and soon we will be getting more of your letters, and emails. The visiting elves are starting to head South. Some of your elves will be arriving soon, others will be coming in the next few weeks. I hope you are getting excited! Remember to always be kind and nice. I will be writing again soon.


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