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A Book by Santa Claus

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SANTA'S WISH is the story of  Santa becoming concerned about how Christmas has changed over time, and a wish he has to help spread true Christmas Spirit again. After meeting with The High Elf Council, he decides to wait until a week before Christmas to decide whether Christmas will continue or change. He shares his wish with Mrs. Claus after visiting with children and other believers, and she decides to secretly create "Operation: Santa's Wish". Find out what happens next in this fun adventure that takes you from a look back at how Santa started his mission until current times.

Santa has been thinking… Every year there are more children and believers around the world and their Christmas wish lists keep getting longer. After sharing his own secret wish with Mrs. Claus, she puts "Operation: Santa’s Wish" into action. Join in the journey of spreading Christmas Spirit and help make Santa’s wish come true!

Concepts Encouraged in the Book:

  • A world filled with Christmas Spirit every day — giving and caring for one another.

  • Thinking of others first and expecting nothing in return.

  • Choosing one special gift from Santa, so more can share in the giving and receiving.

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