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what happens to all the Presents Made before Christmas Eve

Greetings Believer,

Have you ever wondered what happens to all the presents after they are made and wrapped? We store them in big buildings at the North Pole. Once the gift is made and wrapped they are taken to one of the buildings where we stack them and sort them. Some of them will be loaded on the sleigh on the night they are delivered. Others are tagged and they will magically appear in my Santa Sack when I get to where you live. It really helps to not have to have all the packages, because the reindeer can fly even faster. That means we can get to where you live faster. The buildings are very full of presents by the time we get to Christmas Eve. The rooms are very colorful since all the presents are wrapped. So now you know where all the presents are stored! Have a holly jolly day and always be kind and nice.


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