Snow Globes

Greetings Believers,

Do you like snow globes? We make a lot of them for Christmas. They used to just have snowflakes in them, but now there are many different kinds of filling that float in the water. There is glitter, and sparkly metal pieces to. There are snow globes that you shake, and newer ones that blow the snow all around. Snow globes were invented by a man named Erwin Perzy in Austria during the end of the 19th century. He was trying to improve the light bulb and make it brighter so it could be used by doctors. His discover of the fun snow globe was honored in 1908, for his treasured item by Emperor Franz Joseph I. You can see a fun video here about the family of the inventor who still make them! You might remember Bernard gave Charlie a magic snow globe in the movie The Santa Claus. We do make magical snow globes here at the North Pole. Hope you have a holly Jolly day and enjoy your snow globes if you have one!


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