Reindeer Training Speeding Up

Hello My Friends!

Greetings from the North Pole! The reindeer are speeding up their training from July. It goes up 3 times! That means that they will put in 30,000 miles flying and 60,000 miles running!

Do you exercise?

It is very important for the reindeer to stay in shape. Flying around the world takes a lot of energy and they have to be strong. They work very hard so that they will be ready for the big night!

The elves are busy too. They have a lot to do, so that when the really busy months get here they will be in top form and able to work at a very fast pace. Once they start hearing from you about your Christmas wishes it gets very, very, very busy. Well it is time for me to get to the workshop and check with Bernard, and then off to the reindeer barn to check with Holly and the reindeer! Have a Holly Jolly Day!


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