I want to see an Elf...

Greetings Believers,

In speaking with some of you recently, you have said you want to see an elf. Well, if you check out the elf sections on the website you can see a few of the elves here. I hope to have more share their pictures in the future. Elves as fun as they are and outgoing get very shy sometimes. So, check out the elves here on the website. Elves come in many sizes and they look different just like you and I look different. Most look like any other human, but some are cute and small too. They all are very fast and work very hard at whatever their job might be.

I want to say I've enjoyed my virtual visits with many of you, and am very pleased with how well most of you are behaving. A lot of you are on the Nice List for sure, but keep up the good work. Remember there is room for everyone on the Nice List!


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