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The elves are a very important part of the North Pole Mission and Santa's work. They are the ones who do all the work and keep the North Pole running. I treat the elves very well. They are somewhat shy at first, especially getting their picture taken. Generally though, they are not are not shy at all, and have even worked in a few movies about me. With few exceptions they are about 4 feet 9 inches tall. They look like children for most of their lives, but do look older when they get really, really, really, really old. They each look different just like you and me. Pointy ears are most common, but rounded ears are common too. Each elf is unique, unless they are twins. Though they like colorful clothes it is a good idea to look good in green and red, as these are the the primary elf colors. The elves get a three month break every year.  We rotate the times they are off, so there is always plenty of help at the North Pole. Generally, all the elves work October, November and December. That's the busy season! Not all elves are toy-makers. The North Pole is a city. We have bakeries, shoe shops, candy stores and a market. It is like any city with lots of different jobs that provide for the people who live there. Of course, there really is no cost to the elves and their families who live at the North Pole. I make sure everything is taken care of. 

Elf Jobs



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During Christmas elves work with me when I visit down South (everywhere is South of the North Pole). They also help Santa Helpers so they can report what you say. There are always elf teams out in the world checking on who is naughty and nice.

On Christmas Eve the Prep and Landing elves help as I fly around the world. There are lots of jobs for elves here are a few examples.

Cooks - The elves eat two meals a day at the Workshop. Depending when they work they get breakfast and lunch, or lunch and dinner, or dinner and breakfast. There is always plenty of milk and cookies any time they get hungry. They love sweets! The elf cooks keep everyone fed. There are also elves who are cooks at such places as the Candy Cane Cafe, where elves and their families can go out to eat. Elves are excellent cooks, and Mrs. Claus works with them to develop wonderfully delicious menu items.

Candy Maker - At the North Pole we have a complete candy making operation. We ship candy around the world all year, not just at

Christmas. The elves can make every type of candy ever made! They also work on inventing new types of candy. There is one very special job as a candy maker, painting the stripes on candy canes!

Reindeer Care - The reindeer get lots of love and care. The elves feed them, groom them, and exercise them. There are elves who clean the barn, and others who prepare their food and snacks. Its important not to let the reindeer eat too many sweets. They do enjoy vegetables like carrots and red bell peppers. The reindeer always eat their vegetables. There is also a team of elves that picks the Christmas music the reindeer hear in their quarters each day. Reindeer love Christmas music.

Sleigh Team - There are several sleights since they are Santa's main transportation. Elf teams care for, and keep them repaired. The sleighs are cleaned and polished often. They get painted so they always look new. Reindeer harnesses need to be oiled and kept in excellent condition. Each bell is polished every day! The ETT (Elf Technology Team) is continually coming up with modifications an updates to improve the sleigh.

Christmas Tree Forest - The Christmas tree forest is carefully maintained. Trees are trimmed so they grow perfect and beautiful. The trees are shipped around the world to be used for special Holiday events. There are elf teams that decorate the trees in part of the forest so they have lights and ornaments all year.

Elf Decor - The North Pole is a festive place, where it is Christmas every day. There are teams of elves who keep the North Pole looking fantastic. They are in charge of decoration outdoors and indoors. You will find them often covered with glitter and paint from a project they are working on.

Naughty and Nice Center - There are a lot of jobs here. With so many believers to keep track of, elves are constantly in contact with one another receiving and updating reports from around the world. These elves are very good at details, because no one wants someone to be on the wrong list. Of course, Santa does check the list twice before signing off on the final decisions.

Elf Information Teams - These are special operation Elves who are highly trained specialists. They are sent out through the entire world to check on the behavior of believers. They gather information and send it back to the Naughty and Nice Center. Their job is very secretive and they are masters of disguise. Usually, they only time you will see, or notice them is between Thanksgiving and Christmas when they can be more out in the open.

Elf Tech Team - This team of highly educated and scientific elves are in charge of all the technology and new inventions we use here at the North Pole. I personally work with these elves developing ideas for the  making and delivering of the presents all around the world. These elves also help make the North Pole a safe place to live, work and play.

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