Some of you have ask what my workshop looks like. To be honest I have several areas I work, so there are several different workshops! There is the large workshop where most of the work is done by the elves. I have several smaller workshops where I design and make toys. You can see one in the tour of our home. I spend a portion of many days working on new toys and fixing the designs of older ones. There are elves that work with me on these projects. Most of the toys I made in the beginning were wooden and often carved. I carved them by hand. As time went on we began using metal, and later plastic. Today many toys are still made by hand, some parts are made by machines and assembled by the elves. With millions and millions of presents it is a big job. We used to finish making the toys by the Fourth of July. Now, it takes every minute right until we load the sleigh. There have been years where the last gift was wrapped and loaded on the sleigh minutes before we took off from the North Pole. I still carve toys for some children around the world. I also help the elves make and assemble toys in the workshop. I believe in working along side the elves, as we are a team. They work so hard, and Christmas would not be the same without them. Imagine how many toys and gifts they make in a year! They are getting very excited because the Christmas Eve journey is less than a week away! They are singing and dancing as they work to finish every gift. Speaking of the elves and the workshop, I better get back to work. Be good and remember to use your manners.


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