Why Are There So Many Santas?

Greetings from the snowy North Pole! Today's journeys included Germany, then Canada and Mexico City, with stops in California, and Kentucky. Many people want to know why there are so many Santas around at this time of year? Well, I am one person. You know it is fun to be me! There are many men who are my helpers. I look for men who want to spread Christmas cheer and Christmas spirit to everyone. They listen and as they do, your wishes are carried to the North Pole where elves take notes about your Christmas wishes. These are Santa helpers, and you should be nice to them, because you never know if it is me! There are some people who "play" Santa. They do it for fun, sometimes not very well I might add. Santas who represent me are always very professional. There are also dads who dress up like me and pretend to be me. There many reasons people want to be me. As you know, during this season I travel all over the world visiting with people and listening to their Christmas wishes. So, you never know it just might be me who you are meeting. One last thing just because someone does not have a "real" beard doesn't mean it is not me! I like to disguise myself sometimes. Mrs. Claus has been working on her recipes. You can find some of her favorites on this website. I think I will go test some of her cookies now! Be good and hug someone you love!


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