What is Happening Today

Today at the North Pole I met with the Flight Command to discuss the flight plan for the 24th. We are beginning to see weather trends and predictions for flight conditions. It is a big job, but the elves do an amazing job getting me all around the world. After the meeting Comet and I set out to do some visits down South. We spent time in South America, Canada and the Eastern USA. It was so much fun hearing about your wishes and seeing many of you. When I returned to the North Pole I checked on the workshop. The elves informed me we are on schedule. They did have some issues with the teddy bear stuffing machine, so they were stuffing the teddy bears by hand. I will have to have our Tech Elves see if they can figure out what is going on. Tomorrow I will be in England, France and in Colorado in the USA. I hope you will visit me. Well, I am going to read some of your letters. Till next time, be kind and helpful.


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