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What if I don't have a Chimney

Greeting Believers!

I hope you had a tinsel bright day! Snow is falling outside, I'm sitting here by the fire, and Mrs. Claus is sitting next to me sewing my suit. I've been looking over The List. So, many of you on the Nice List. That makes Santa very happy. The elves finished putting a fresh coat of paint on the sleigh. It looks so shiny and new. It is sparkly green with gold trim. I wish you could see it, but you will be asleep when I stop by. I get ask, "What if I don't have a chimney?" Well, most homes have some form of heat vent, or air vent and they magically will turn into a fireplace for me (Watch the movie, The Santa Clause - they did a lot of interviews with me before making that movie, and it shows how some of my Christmas magic works. Some people get a Santa Key. They are sold at various places and often have a picture of me, and look like an old fashioned key. I happen to have a magic key as well that will allow me to come in your door. Not everyone lives where it gets cold, and I don't always land on your roof, since some don't have a roof to land on, or your roof is too small! Don't worry though, I can get to you and deliver your present. Magic is wonderful, and I have lots of Christmas magic! Gotta go for now. Be kind and nice.


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