Welcome December!

Hello Believers!

Happy 1st day of December. Do you know what that means? It means there are only 23 days till I fly the big flight around the world on Christmas Eve! Yes, it is busy here at the North Pole. The Post Office is getting busier, the reindeer are practicing and playing reindeer games, the elves are making toys and presents, Mrs. Claus is baking lots and lots of cookies, I am checking the list. That is just a little of what is happening here. Have you been doing your best to be good? Many of your elves have returned to your homes to prepare for my arrival. I'm sure they are already creating a lot of funny moments. I get reports every day, so be sure you are on your best behavior. I have heard good things so far. I am excited, because it seems like Christmas Spirit is up this year. It has been a difficult year for so many around the world. I believe many are ready for some Christmas cheer. Are you ready for Christmas cheer? The elves have been really singing loud today. It must be because it is December 1st. They are so excited they can hardly focus on their work. Don't worry though they will get everything done. They always do. Mrs. Claus is calling me, so I must go for now. Have a Tinsel Bright Day, and welcome to December!


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