We Love to have Fun

Here at the North Pole we Love to have fun! As I have shared the Elves sing and dance all day while they work. You can find a few of the fun games here on the website too. There are mazes, word searches, spot the difference, and party games like pin the nose on the snowman. Go to Kringle Fun to check it out. You might remember in the song Rudolph the red nose reindeer that the reindeer didn't let Rudolph play the reindeer games. Of course, now he plays all the time with the other reindeer. They love games too. They toss wooden rings to each other while flying and catch them on their antlers. They love to race and see who is the fastest runner, or who can fly the fastest. So here at the North Pole we Love to have FUN. What do you like to do for fun? Do you like to play games? What is your favorite game?


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