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Visiting Down South

Greetings Believers!

Each year I travel South several times to visit with as many of you as I can. I love hearing your Christmas wishes. I see you at malls, parties, in homes, and at special events like Christmas markets or tree lightings. I have many helpers, so you never know for sure it is me, that is why you want to alway believe when you visit with me. It is fun for me to meet you in person. Sometimes I even will be at the grocery store or some regular place you go. You just never know. Of course there are elves all around this time of year and they report back to the North Pole every day. You might have an elf that comes to your home, but there are lots of elves that are all around this time of year especially. Wherever you go there might be an elf or two that is there too. So remeber to be on your best behavior and to always be kind.


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