Under The Sea

Greetings Believers!

We went scuba diving today and had fun swimming with our dolphin friends. Such a beautiful world below the ocean surface. So colorful with the coral, rocks and tropical fish. You can see Mrs. Claus in green and me in red here swimming along with two dolphin. We swam with them for awhile as we explored the ocean floor. It has been fun spending time in a different place for a few days. Have you ever seen under the sea? Bernard tells me that he is getting regular reports from the elves who are down South checking to see who is being naughty or nice. He says that things look good, but many of you can still improve and do even more to be nice. I told him that every one of us can always do more to be nice. Being nice is important in the world. Hope you are having a Sparkly day as Mrs. Claus would say. Remember to always be nice!


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