Tyler the Taylor

Greetings Believers

I'd like to introduce you to Tyler. He is the North Pole Taylor. A Taylor is someone who makes and mends clothes. He is very handy and makes the many elf outfits here at the North Pole. Of course, he does have help, but he is the one who designs the clothing that he sells at his shop in the North Pole Village.

Elves have many jobs. Some elves do the same jobs as their parents and grandparents and even great grandparents. The skills that they have are often taught to them when they are young, and they pass them on from generation to generation. Elves also learn new skills too. Today we have elves that are very good at using technology like computers. We have always had elves at the North Pole who are good at creating new things, and of course there is always Christmas Magic that you help create by believing in me!

I hope you are getting excited about Christmas! I know that I am!


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