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Traveling to the Island

Greetings Believers!

Mrs. Claus and I are traveling to the secret Christmas Island. Here we were visited by a friendly Humpback whale who wanted to say hello. We are traveling on Reindeer 2 our North Pole boat. Don't worry Bernard is keeping everything in order and I am busy here on the boat continuing my work. What is amazing is that I can work and not be at the North Pole. That is something very new for us. Mrs. Claus likes that we can get away for a little while before things get really busy at the North Pole. The elf Academy is on break right now. The elves will be celebrating Christmas in July with the Summer Christmas Carnival. We will get back to join in the fun. Holly says the Reindeer are doing great and Bernard says the elves are right on schedule making the presents. Make sure you remember to always be kind.


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