Tour of North Pole Village

Hello Friends,

Well we are busy here at the North Pole! Mrs. Claus gave a tour of our house, that you can see here on this site, last year. It was fun to share where we live with everyone. This year I will begin a Tour of the rest of the North Pole. We will start with the current village. You will see where the elves work and play. In the future there will also be more tours of the elf village, and the "Old Pole" as we call it. That's the part of the village you see in the Polar Express. I invite you to check out a little video Bernard had made to share this news under the Santa tab above. I look forward to showing you around! The tour will begin sometime this Fall. We will announce the date as soon as we are ready to share it! I hope you are doing well and being good. Till next time, Ho Ho Ho!


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