Three Months Till Flight

Hello Believers!

Well, now it is only 3 months till the big flight, if you celebrate Christmas on December 25th. I will visit some of you sooner and some of you after that.

Here at the North Pole things are really getting busier. Bernard says the Naughty and Nice Center is starting to get more reports. Are you being Nice? It won't be long before elves will head South to homes to watch over the days leading up to Christmas. Of course, there are always elves down South sending back reports. The list is being made and soon I will start getting daily reports and then I will be checking the List twice! We have seen a few letters, and know that as we get closer to Christmas we will get many more from all of you sharing your hopes and dreams for Christmas. Mrs. Claus and I look forward to reading them! The Reindeer are making solo flights South working on their strength. Next month begins a more strict training exercises. The time will soon be here to fly! Till next time have a Tinsel bright day!


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