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The Workshop

Greetings Believers!

The workshop is filled with singing and dancing. It is such a wonderful sound and sight to see. The elves love what they do. They see it as playing not work, and they are fast and good at it. Edie is the elf that makes sure that the presents are made just right. It takes a lot of elves to make sure everything gets done here at the North Pole. The elves have many different choices of what they can do. Many of them train from young elves to work in the workshop, but there are so many other choices. There are many shops they can choose from in the village, and of course the mail room where all the letters and messages come from. They can help Holly with the reindeer, or work in the North Pole Control Center. That's just a few things they can choose from. Everyone is important here at the North Pole. You are important too! I hope your day is fun and you are getting ready for Christmas. Have a holly jolly day and remember to always be kind.


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