The North Pole Is Busy Again

Hello Friends! We are busy here at the North Pole again. The elves have started making some of the most popular toys and presents. Teddy Bears and dolls are usually some of the first things to be made. The elves will begin to see what other toys and presents you will ask for this Christmas, and they will put together plans to make them. After that, the elves will gather all the material to make the presents and begin to actually make them! It takes all year to get them all made. It is always busy in the workshop. As you know it is a fun place to be, since the elves love to sing and dance and tell jokes while they work. You can see some of the jokes on this site if you would like to laugh too. Mrs. Claus and I are back here after our short vacation. It is nice to be home. Holly tells me the reindeer are getting some well deserved rest, and the sleigh has been put away till next years trip. Bernard informs me that many of the elves that visit your homes over the Holiday are back here at the North Pole now. Don't worry though they are still keeping an eye on whether you are Nice or Naughty. Well, I better get back to the workshop. Have a Holly Jolly Day!


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