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The Countdown Is ON!!

Believers are you Excited?

Everyone here at the North Pole is VERY EXCITED!!!!!! Oh my goodness, things here have REALLY gotten busy. We are just over a month away and now its the best time of the year, because everyone is getting ready for Christmas! Mrs. Claus has been baking cookies for everyone here, and there is so much dancing and singing among the elves as they do their work. It is very fun for everyone. I have been looking at the map and starting to chart my journey. The reindeer are looking great, and are in the best shape ever. Toys and presents of all kinds are being made faster than you can say "Rudolph has a red nose", and I am getting ready to do many visits over the internet, and some in person too. Bernard says Christmas Spirit is high this year as everyone is ready for some cheer after a hard year. So, get ready to celebrate how ever you do it where you are, and however you can. Remember what is most important is not the gifts, but the love and caring that we share with others at this special time of year! Till next time...


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