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Spread Christmas Cheer by Singing for all to hear

Greetings Belivers!

Well, how are you today? Its a chilly day here at the North Pole, but inside its toasty warm. I have a question for you... Do you have a favorite Christmas song? There are so many fun and beautiful songs to sing and play during Christmas. Here at the North Pole, we listen to Christmas music every day of the year! Would you like to hear Christmas music all year and every day? I love Christmas music. It makes me happy and spreads Christmas cheer. The elves love it too. They can usually be heard singing while they work. There is Christmas music in the Workshop, and even the reindeer barn. Christmas music relaxes the reindeer. So, I hope you have a chance to sing and listen to your favorite Christmas song soon! You can find some Christmas music here on the North Pole Website. Be nice, and spread Christmas cheer! Have a Holly Jolly Day!


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