The Sleigh is Ready

With only days till flight time the sleigh has officially been taken out its storage. The Flight Command Team has made the necessary adjustments to the navigation and communications modules. The exterior has been shined and the reindeer harness have been given the ok by elf Holly who is in charge of reindeer care. Holly reports that the elves have almost finished polishing all the bells. I have been meeting with the Flight Command Center as we continue to put the finishing touches on the route for the big night. The first packages are being prepared to be loaded into the sleigh at old North Pole Center where I will once again take flight following giving the first gift of Christmas from a child who has traveled to the North Pole on the Polar Express. All of the elves have been working and singing and dancing as they continue finishing the presents for many of you! It is a busy place here and will continue to be extra busy right up till take off. I have been reading your letters and of course Checking the List Twice. As we get close to the 24th I will complete the final check of who is Naughty and Nice. So keep up the good behavior. There is always room on the Nice List! Bernard tells me this year the elves on the shelves and other elves down South are noticing some outstanding efforts by all of you. That is great to hear. Mrs. Claus said she is hearing good reports too. So, things are looking great for the 24th and our journey. Keep checking here for the latest updates as we prepare for the big night!


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