Sharing Kindness Project Underway

Greetings from the North Pole!

I hope you are well. We launched the Sharing Kindness Project and have posted our daily challenges here on the North Pole website, Pinterest, and Instagram. We hope you are enjoying them and they are giving you ideas of how you can be kind each day to others. Here at the North Pole we are busy as usual. The elves are making presents of all kinds and we are moving them to the storage areas here at the North Pole. It is still early in the year, so there is a lot of room in the storage areas for LOTS of presents. It is fun to watch the presents grow and fill the large rooms. It seems like a lot of electronic items are going to be popular this year. Of course, we always have lots of requests for teddy bears, dolls, toy trucks and cars. We make these all year so we have enough. Speaking of the elves and presents, Bernard just let me know they need me in the workshop. So, till next time keep being kind.


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