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Secret Passages

Greetings Believers!

As you know it snows A LOT here at the North Pole. You might wonder how do I get around if it is really bad outside. First our Village is hidden away secretly, so no one will find us. But if the weather ever does get bad here, or I need to get somewhere really fast we have secret passages that go from our house to the other buildings through the village. It is very handy and also warmer! There is an elevator to the passages to the left of the dining room. It takes me down to the passages and then I can choose where I want to go. There is also a transportation system for the elves. You can see an example of it in the movie The Polar Express. Here at the North Pole we have many different areas that the elves work. So, it is important for them to get from one area to another. So now you know about the North Pole Secret Passages!


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