Santa's Suit

Well, I hope everyone is had a wonderfully magical day. Mrs Claus informed me that it is time to begin working on my suit. By the way, Santa does not wear a costume, I wear a suit. I don't always wear the "Santa suit" you see me in usually, I have other clothes that I wear too. Most of it tends to be red, green and white. Often, while in the workshop, I have on a colorful shirt Mrs. Claus has made me along with one of my many pair of suspenders. Sometimes my pants are green. I like long colorful Christmas socks and my shoes may be boots, but I

also like to wear clog style shoes when working. I also have a big pair of fuzzy reindeer slippers (Not made of reindeer - they look like reindeer!) I have many suits, in many styles. The picture here shows one of my traditional suits. I have buttons that are gold plated brass that have the reindeer's names on them. Over the years my suit has tended to be red with white fur trim ( it is not real animal fur, no animals are harmed to make my suits). Sometimes when I travel South I dress like everyone else in the world. That way I won't be recognized as easily. Like I have said before you never know if it may be me that your are talking with. Mrs. Claus made me a new suit this year so

now I am having to make sure it fits right. When I visit you down South I wear one of my many suits she has made me. It is very cold here at the North Pole. Tomorrow is only going to be 3 degrees. That is one reason I wear the heavy Santa coat! I will be visiting some of you tomorrow in Washington, Argentina, and Japan. Have you been decorating your home? Do you put up a tree? Well, time for a fitting of my suit. Be kind always.


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