Santa Is Taking A Long Nap

Mrs. Claus here. Hello friends! Santa is taking a very long nap. The elves celebrated all night and are already making gifts for next year. They don't like just sitting around long. With so many gifts to get ready they like to get an early start. All elves will take a break at some point during the year. They like to spend time with their families just like everyone else. Holly is taking care of the reindeer as they recover from the long journey. She is making sure they are all groomed and fed. Some of the elves are polishing the reindeer bells and making sure the harness is clean and any repairs are made. These will be put aside till next year when we will use them again. As for me, well I have been baking and I have been making sure things are running smoothly here and everyone is doing well. I hope you are enjoying your holiday. Santa and I are headed for a tropical vacation in Hawaii tomorrow. He will try to update you from there on how things are going and his Christmas Journey. Be good, Santa's List has already started for next year.

Mrs. Claus

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