Reindeer Update

Hello Believers,

Now that we have reached April some of you have wondered what the Reindeer are up to. Well, April is when we work with the young new reindeer begin to start training. All of the Reindeer are beginning to move out of the recovery period after the big flight. It is not as difficult as it once was, since now they only pull a full sleigh for the first part of the night. After that, the gifts appear in the gift bag as we get to each delivery site. It has really helped the reindeer and their speed and ability to fly for longer times without having to rest as often. A rest for the reindeer lasts about 10 seconds and they are ready to go again! So, now they are beginning to run around a bit, a flying some too. It is time to gain weight and enjoy some restful exercise. So, that is your update. Hope you have a tinsel bright day!


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