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Reindeer Training

Greetings Believers,

Holly Hitched up the reindeer today to practice take off and landings. She loves to fly them around the North Pole. She keeps them in great shape. With the big night getting closer she makes sure they eat right, get exercise and have fun too. They will have the Reindeer games coming up where they will divide into teams of 5. Oh, you are wondering who number 10 is? Well, we have other reindeer here too, and each year one of them gets to compete. This year it is Blizzard's turn. They will compete in speed races, flying skill, Ring toss, and more games. Its a lot of fun and the young elves that are not working yet will be there to cheer for their favorites. It is one way the reindeer get to have fun while waiting for the big night. They will have another Reindeer Games in January where all the elves will come and have fun as we celebrate the new year with a carnival, the Reindeer Games and just a lot of great food, music and more. Here at the North Pole we believe it is important to take time for fun and spending time with family. I hope you have a holly jolly day and remember to be kind and nice.


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